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Chicago we loved you!

In 2022 New Bridge College had a groundbreaking trip to Chicago. The students and staff were welcomed by our hosts, Ridgewood High. Musa from the Newsbridge team went to Chicago with the digital pathway group funding through Turing scheme. He loved every second of it. He learnt a lot on the trip and the group went to the Apple Headquarters to talk about an app and to present app ideas. They worked seven full days with Ridgewood High school and Apple to talk about app ideas, brainstorming them and doing app coding.

As well as working on app ideas with Ridgewood we got to see the sights of Chicago and we started every day with an all American breakfast. We visited China Town, Navy Pier, the Science and Industry museum, at Chicago Pizza, went up to the 105th floor of the Willis Tower where some of our brave students walked out onto the glass floored sky deck. We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and went to the Blue Man Group show and visited the Mexican quarter where we checked out the local graffiti artwork. We went to the WNDR museum which was a real immersive and interactive experience, went downtown Chicago to see the river, ate in a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant called Benihana and visited the Field Museum which is Chicago’s natural history museum and last but not least the Aquarium. Chicago was incredible.

Musa and Max from the Newsbridge team and some of the staff and other students talk about their Chicago experience.

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