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Tintastic: Empowering Students one tin at a time

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

By Waj and Edward

Students at Newbridge College took part in Young Enterprise in 2023. Tintastic We is a business that reuses tin cans primarily but also other junk items such as empty wine bottles, old jeans, plastic bottles, etc. We decided to take this creative route in order to make our products economically and globally friendly as our product not only does not require greenhouse gases to be pumped out into the environment to be “recycled”, but it also costs nothing to manufacture as all we had to do was ask local restaurants and our cafeteria for any discarded cans and glass bottles and just like that, we had a rich and reliable source of stock for our products.

When creating our business we also laid down a hierarchical foundation of leadership roles and assigned people into these roles based on what they were interested in, in order to create a solid structure that we could all abide by and follow.

We spoke to head honcho of this operation our beloved friend Waj, the reason we nominated him to be the leader of this enterprise was because he had previous experience at being in an enterprise for a year and he was also very confident and charismatic.

Check out the Tintastic website here

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