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Unleash Your Inner Dancer: Dive into the Mesmerizing World of Just Dance!

By Raihan

My name is Raihan and I love Just Dance. If I could I would play it all day! I have been playing Just Dance for many years. Yeah. I like it because the background looks beautiful, cool and satisfying. It helps me to lose weight and get fit.

Here is some more information about Just Dance.

In 2009, Ubisoft has created a game that is towards kids and adults who like dancing and it is called Just Dance. Just Dance is a video game that is introduced to the Nintendo Wii System and Nintendo Wii U System and all you have do is copy the moves that the dancers are doing while holding your Wii Remote in your right hand to get points.The Just Dance Franchise creation continues, there will be new features such as 5 Stars, Superstar, Megastar, Mashups, Newest Popular Songs, Fonts and Sizes, Challenges, Maps, Songlists, Playlists and Modes.

The Xbox and Playstation have introduced Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move, as for the Xbox Kinect, you can use your hand to pick songs that you want and dance without holding something on your hand, as for the Playstation Move, you can use your controller to pick songs just like Wii Remote and dance while holding your controller. You can also use your phone to play Just Dance games as well by downloading the Just Dance Controller App.

Newer Just Dance Games are introduced to Nintendo Switch, in fact, all the Just Dance Games that are available on Nintendo Wii System, Nintendo Wii U System and Nintendo Switch are all licensed by Nintendo just like SEGA, Ubisoft and Capcom Games.

If you don’t have Just Dance Games, then the app called Just Dance Now is available in all devices such as Android and IOS including PCs, TVs or Internet, all you gotta do is dance while holding your phone in your right hand while the game is on the screen. Just Dance also has Multiplayer Online, so you can play it with your family members or your friends and carers including Just Dance Now App and unlike the other Just Dance Games, Just Dance Now has featured Coins and VIP for you to use for your experience.

Just Dance has introduced DLCs on Just Dance 2 - Just Dance 2015 for you to try to dance to if you have SD Card for the Nintendo Wii System and Gift Cards for the Xbox and Playstation.Just Dance has included Just Dance Unlimited [2016-2022] and Just Dance Plus [2023-Continuation] where the songs from older and newer Just Dance Games are available to dance to if you don't have any Just Dance Games and you can pick any month pass you want to choose for your party to keep going such as 1 Month, 3 Months and 12 Months.

Just Dance has a competition mode called World Dance Floor and it is where you can compete against people around the world to be the best dancer, get 5 stars and get the best score in Just Dance Tournaments. As for the Nintendo Wii System, you need the internet to access World Dance Floor and as for Xbox and Playstation, you need Xbox Live to access World Dance Floor and as for Playstation, you need Playstation Network to access World Dance Floor.

Just Dance World Dance Floor features a challenge called Beat The Boss and it is where you and people around the world have to beat the boss and defend the dance floor by getting 5 Stars, Superstar and Megastar at the same time, if it repeats, then the boss will be defeated and if it isn’t repeated, then you and them will fail to beat the boss and the boss can get away, forcing you and them to wait for the next boss.Just Dance has featured Gold Moves and it is where if you get the gold moves correctly, then you will earn extra points and somehow can help you get 5 stars, if you don’t get the gold moves correctly, then you will not get it and here are the signs of Gold Moves: [YEAH] and [X]. To me, listening to Gold Moves Sound Effect is so satisfying because the sound effect is beautiful and relaxing.

Just Dance has also featured Non Stop Shuffle from older Just Dance Games and it is where you can dance non stop to get lots of stars and it will help you level up your mojo.

Just Dance has included Avatars and its is where you can pick your Avatar you like for your profile and as for Just Dance 1 and Just Dance 4, you can choose avatars by pressing plus button on your Wii Remote and as for the other Just dance Games except for Just Dance 2 and Just Dance 3, there are lots of random Avatars, some are gold and silver and you can pick one that you want to go for.

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